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Java Generics

Comprehensive guide to Java Generics for robust, type-safe code and algorithms

Level: Junior, Mid Engineers

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What you'll learn

Generic Classes, Interfaces, and Methods

Bounded Type Parameters

Lower and Upper Bounded Wildcards

Naming Conventions

Type Erasure

Welcome to Java Generics, a crucial area for Java software engineers aiming to master the art of writing generic algorithms. Mastering this subject not only facilitates the creation of clean, reusable APIs, but also streamlines the coding process significantly. Java Generics was introduced to overcome the challenges posed by unnecessary casting, which was a notable source of issues in earlier versions.

  • Understanding ClassCastException: Get to the root of this common runtime error and learn how to avoid it through practical examples.
  • Type Parameters and Arguments: Learn the difference and the conventions for writing clean, type-safe code.
  • Generics in Classes and Methods: Explore how generics can enhance code reusability and safety in classes and methods.
  • Bounded Types and Wildcards: Discover the power of setting boundaries on type parameters and the flexibility of wildcards.
  • Demystifying Type Erasure: Unravel the concept of type erasure in Java and understand its impact on your code.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in Java, from beginners looking to solidify their foundations to experienced developers aiming to refine their skills. If you're keen on writing robust, type-safe Java code and avoiding runtime errors, this course will guide you through the intricacies of Java Generics.

In this course:

For a Java software engineer, mastering the art of writing generic algorithms is crucial. It not only ensures the creation of clean and reusable APIs but also streamlines the coding process. Java Generics was introduced as a solution to eliminate the pitfalls of unnecessary casting, which had been a significant source of issues in the past.

In this course, you'll embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of Java Generics. By the end, you'll have a deep understanding and hands-on experience with:

  • Generic Classes, Interfaces, and Methods: Dive deep into the core of Java Generics and understand how to implement generic classes, interfaces, and methods. This knowledge will empower you to create flexible and type-safe code.
  • Bounded Type Parameters: By understanding upper and lower bounds, you can ensure that your code remains both flexible and safe.
  • Lower and Upper Bounded Wildcards: Delve into the world of wildcards and understand their significance in creating versatile APIs.
  • Naming Conventions: Write clean, understandable, and standardized code by adhering to Java's naming conventions for generics.
  • Type Erasure: By understanding this concept, you'll be equipped to tackle challenges related to runtime type queries and potential type mismatches.

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6 Reasons to Learn Java Generics:

Venturing into the realm of Java Generics is more than just learning a new concept—it's about amplifying your Java development prowess. Here's how delving into generics can reshape your programming approach:

  1. Enhanced Code Integrity: Utilize type-safe code with generics to drastically reduce runtime errors. This ensures your code is not only robust but also transparent and easy to decipher.
  2. Streamlined Development: With generics, you can design reusable code components, eliminating repetitive tasks and accelerating your coding process.
  3. Adaptable Coding: Generics provide the flexibility to adapt to different types without compromising on code safety, making your applications more versatile.
  4. Optimized Performance: By minimizing unnecessary typecasting and runtime checks, generics can lead to more efficient code execution.
  5. Future-Proofing Your Skills: As Java evolves, a deep understanding of foundational elements like generics ensures you're prepared for future updates and changes in the language.
  6. Collaborative Advantage: Clearer, type-safe code means easier collaboration. When working in teams, your peers can quickly understand and build upon your code, enhancing team productivity

Course Curriculum

This course has 1 sections including exercises

Java Generics

1 - Join the Community


2 - Quick word


3 - Useful Links


4 - Newsletter


5 - Understanding ClassCastException


6 - ClassCastException Example 2

7 - Type Parameter and Type Argument

8 - Generic Type Naming Convention

9 - Generic and Classes

10 - Generic and Classes Part 2

11 - Generics and Methods

12 - Bounded Type Parameters

13 - Multiple Bounds

14 - Unbounded Wildcard

15 - Upper Bounded Wildcards

16 - Lower Bounded Wildcards

17 - Difference Between Bounded Type Parameters and Wildcards

18 - Type Erasure

19 - Wrap Up

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Java Generics

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