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English Subtitles

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Amigoscode Textbook

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Mama Samba Braima Djalo

Founder & CEO

Hi, I am Mama Samba Braima AKA Nelson! Passionate DevOps/Software Engineer and a YouTuber. After graduating from King's College in Computer Science I acquired expertise working as a Java and DevOps ...

What you'll learn

Compiled vs Interpreted Languages

Static vs Dynamic Type Checking

IntelliJ IDEA and Jetbrains Tools

Java Data Types and Variables

Control Structures: Loops and Conditional Statements

Packages and Access Modifiers

Methods, Functions, and Exception Handling

File Operations and Input/Output Handling

Object-Oriented Programming

Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstraction

Dependency Injection and SOLID Principles

Data Structures: Arrays, Lists, Maps

Generics and Java Streams

Maven Build Tool

Testing with JUnit

Spring Boot Framework

Database Integration and ORM

APIs, HTTP, and Full Stack Development

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

Course Curriculum

52 sections


Practice Practice Practice




Welcome to Amigoscode's most comprehensive Java course! Your journey to mastering Java, coding proficiently, and building robust applications begins here.

Last year, the vibrant energy of a Java Bootcamp in London transformed many aspiring developers. A year of on-ground experience, myriad questions, countless solutions, and then it clicked: Why not expand this learning experience? Why not mold it into a Master Class for the entire Amigoscode's community

Six intense months. Countless cups of coffee. Infinite passion. The Amigoscode team and I have funneled all this energy to bring forth more than just a course. I am excited to announce that we have surpassed our goal and included all these features to help you master the language within the shortest possible time:

  • Active learning: A ton of exercises and two guided projects prepared especially for this course: Command Line Interface and Spring Boot project.
  • 48-chapter roadmap via 25 hours of video classes: All the knowledge and practical experience you need to master the language and start building your own applications.
  • Error message? Post the problem to our dedicated Discord class and your classmates and I will be there to help you quickly resolve it with an explanation - so you can learn from your mistakes.
  • Amigoscode Textbook: Will give you easy access to code, course materials, and additional information.
  • 6-Month Bonus: Explore the full power of IntelliJ IDEA, the ultimate coding companion, for the next six months.

Who is the course for?

Whether you're a student from a Bootcamp or University, a professional versed in other languages, a self-guided coding enthusiast, or someone stepping into the realm of coding for the first time, the Master Class is crafted for you. Its mission? To transform you into a proficient Java programmer.

Wondering how can I be sure of that?

For the last four years, I have been meeting with Amigoscode's students from all these backgrounds on a day-to-day basis: tutoring, helping to resolve errors, giving advice on personal projects and just having a chat. Drawing from these multifaceted interactions, I've crafted a comprehensive roadmap designed to propel anyone with the ambition to master Java. And it’s not just my assurance—our Success Stories highlight individuals, perhaps much like you, who have successfully transitioned into accomplished roles in software engineering through Amigoscode's guidance.

New to Java or coding? It's natural to feel the landscape is vast and daunting. But here's the silver lining: you've stumbled upon the perfect course tailored to demystify the coding realm for you. Gone are the days of bewilderment and mounting frustration. With the Java Master Class, clarity is our mantra from the get-go. And with a 30-day return policy, you're free to test out the system without any strings attached.

Seasoned in Java? Fantastic! Peruse the curriculum and dive in wherever you deem fit. And even if some topics resonate as familiar, there's always a fresh perspective and hands-on exercises to elevate your comprehension and expertise.

What would make the course even better?

Added bonuses

  • Command Line Interface and Spring Boot Project project - put your Java skills into practice, solidify your knowledge of the key Java components and gain invaluable coding experience
  • Amigoscode Textbook worth $120 full of course material, examples and exercises. This is the Textbook I built and taught during the Bootcamp
  • Support from the wider Amigoscode community, with over 60,000 coders across the Facebook and Discord channels, you are joining a community that will support you for the rest of your coding journey
  • A gift worth $98.99 - IntelliJ Course!
  • Bonus 6-Month subscription to IntelliJ IDEA worth $127
  • 15-days Money-Back Guarantee. If you decide that the course is not for you, we’ll issue you a 100% refund

Why Learn Java?

There is a reason why Java is frequently taught as the first programming language at universities.

One of my favourite features of the language is what I call "abstraction revelation" - using words for otherwise abstract concepts. Java’s English-like syntax makes it easy to read and understand the reasoning behind every command line. You can quickly get hands-on, reinforce everything that you are taught, and start practising your programming thinking skills.

Once you understand how to communicate abstractly with Java, any new language that you decide to learn will come with relative ease as most of the fundamental programming principles are shared with all other languages.

You will benefit from the support of a 10 million-strong community and a massive library of open-source tools, like Spring Boot. All these resources make the development in Java swift and your code more robust and efficient.

As a result, Java dominates as the top programming language and sees versatile uses across web, mobile and enterprise industries: from large-scale applications involving millions of lines to a few hundred-lines projects.

It’s no surprise that Java presents some of the best job opportunities in the programming field, with an average salary of $104,868.

Advanced Databases Market Statistics

Bianca's Story

42K Salary from Finance Assistant to Software Engineer

Success Story

Andreas Secured a Job!

Andreas' Story

Meet The Students Ready For Success

Career Switcher

Here is why you shouldn’t waste your time and enrol now

At this moment you might be feeling as if Java is out of your reach, You have already spent a lot of time and effort learning Java and nothing has made a difference. I have been there, becoming good at something very often feels impossible until you achieve it.

Even with access to all the resources online, Most of them probably leave you even more confused and just send you to more articles/courses.

So what’s the problem? If you don’t know a single programming language from the ground up, you won’t have the necessary knowledge to evaluate the information and really understand it. Disjointed articles that describe each function are seldom enough to teach you a broader perspective of programming.

That’s why completing Java Bootcamp will be such an invaluable experience. With a course structured from the beginning to the end, lessons that won’t ever confuse you and a supportive class on discord, we will ensure that you start thinking in the language of a software engineer and go on to start building your own amazing projects.

With these skills, software engineering will become a lot of fun 😊

To unlock the full potential of software engineering


From Josh Developer Advocate @Spring


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