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Javascript Testing

Master JavaScript testing using Jest for reliable, robust web applications

Level: All (Junior, Mid and Senior Engineers)

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What you'll learn

Unit Testing



Code Coverage

Testing Asynchronous Code

Jest CLI​

Welcome to the JavaScript Testing course. This course is your gateway to mastering the essential skill of testing in JavaScript. Testing is a critical part of software development that ensures your code works as expected. With this course, you'll learn how to use Jest, a popular JavaScript testing framework, to write and manage your tests effectively.

  • Learn the different types of testing: Unit, integration, and end-to-end (e2e) testing. You'll understand when and how to use each one to ensure your code is robust and reliable.
  • Get hands-on experience with Jest: You'll learn how to use its powerful features to write clear, effective tests.
  • Write tests that cover every line of your code: You'll ensure your codebase is reliable and works as expected under different conditions.
  • Explore advanced Jest features, including Matchers and Mocking: These features will allow you to write more powerful and flexible tests.
  • Learn how to test asynchronous code: A common source of bugs in JavaScript. You'll also learn how to use the Jest CLI to run and manage your tests.

Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their JavaScript code is reliable and efficient.

If you're a beginner, this course will provide a solid foundation in JavaScript testing. You'll learn how to write tests that ensure your code works as expected, a crucial skill as you start building more complex applications.

For experienced developers, this course offers an opportunity to refine your testing skills. You'll learn how to use Jest to write comprehensive tests, making your code more robust and reliable.


Mastering JavaScript Testing with Jest

Testing is a crucial part of software development. It involves writing additional code to verify that your main codebase works as intended and is free from bugs. In this course, you'll learn about the different types of testing, including unit, integration, and end-to-end (e2e) testing, each serving a unique purpose in ensuring the robustness of your code.

Jest, a JavaScript testing framework developed by Facebook, is a powerful tool that makes testing simple and enjoyable. With its focus on simplicity and a comprehensive API, Jest has become the go-to testing framework for many JavaScript developers. It requires zero configuration, allowing you to test any codebase and ensure that it meets the required code coverage. From matchers to mocking, Jest provides all the tools you need in one place, and it's well-documented and maintained.

In this course, you'll learn how to use Jest effectively to test your JavaScript code. You'll cover:

  • Unit Testing: Learn how to write tests for individual units of code, such as functions or methods.
  • Matchers: Understand how to use Jest's matchers to test values in different ways.
  • Mocking: Discover how to use Jest's mocking feature to simulate function calls, server responses, and more.
  • Code Coverage: Learn how to ensure your tests cover enough of your codebase.
  • Testing Asynchronous Code: Understand how to test code that runs asynchronously, such as API calls.
  • Jest CLI: Learn how to use Jest's command-line interface to run and manage your tests.

You might be thinking: I have to write code to test my code? But don't worry, this course has got you covered. Dive in and start your journey to mastering JavaScript testing with Jest.


Career with JavaScript Testing:

Mastering JavaScript testing with Jest can significantly enhance your technical skills, making you a more competent and sought-after professional in the tech industry. Here's how:

  • Boosting Reliability: Learning how to test your JavaScript code means you can ensure your applications perform as expected under various conditions. This skill makes you a crucial asset to any team, as you can help prevent bugs from reaching the final product, thereby increasing the reliability of the software.
  • Enhancing Efficiency: Testing allows you to identify and fix bugs early in the development process, saving valuable time and effort in the long run. This efficiency is highly valued in the fast-paced tech industry, making you a more productive developer.
  • Improving Code Quality: Ensuring your code is thoroughly tested helps improve the overall quality of your applications. This commitment to quality can set you apart in a competitive job market, as employers are always on the lookout for developers who can produce high-quality, reliable code.
  • Increasing Versatility: Jest is a versatile tool used for testing a wide array of JavaScript applications, from simple websites to complex web apps. By mastering Jest, you can increase your versatility as a developer, equipping you to work on a diverse range of projects.
  • Preparation for Real-World Projects: Real-world projects demand robust testing to ensure the end product is reliable and user-friendly. The skills acquired from this course will prepare you to confidently tackle real-world projects, ensuring the software you develop meets the highest standards of reliability and user experience.

Course Curriculum

This course has 12 sections including exercises


1 - Join the Community


2 - Newsletter


3 - Jest


4 - Unit, Intgeration and e2e Testing


5 - Github Repo


1 - VSCode


2 - VSCode Terminal


3 - Node and NPM

Getting Started With Jest

1 - Installing Jest Globaly

2 - Installing Jest for our project

3 - Your first test


4 - VSCODE Jest Runner Plugin

5 - test() vs it()

6 - Test and Test Suites

7 - Naming tests

8 - Describe

9 - Skip Tests

The Right Way to Test

1 - Export and imports

2 - Given when Then

3 - Expected and Actual

4 - Copy and paste

5 - ES6 Modules

6 - What should you test


1 - Exploring Matchers API

2 - Exercise

3 - Exercise Solution

Table Testing

1 - Email Validator

2 - Describe Each

3 - Tagged Template Literal

Setup and Teardown

1 - Setup and Teardown

2 - setup and teardown documentation

Test coverage

1 - Running jest with test coverage

2 - Testing Errors

3 - Test Coverage Report

4 - Jest configuration

Testing Asynchronous Code

1 - Callbacks

2 - Promises

3 - Async await


1 - What is a mock

2 - Mocking a function and matchers

3 - Mock Property

4 - Capturing aurguments

5 - Mock Implementations

6 - Mock return value

7 - Mocking Promises

8 - Mocking Callbacks

9 - Testing Modules Part I

10 - Testing Modules Part II

11 - Exercise

12 - Exercise Solution

Jest CLI

1 - Jest CLI

2 - Watch test files

3 - VSCode plugins

UI and e2e Testing

1 - Testing UI Frameworks

2 - e2e with Cypress

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Yes, many of our students purchase our courses through their company's training budget. Our courses are considered a valuable investment in employee skill development, and they can be expensed as part of your company's training and development initiatives.

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Javascript Testing

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