Microservices and Distributed Systems

Build and deploy microservices, mastering modern software architecture techniques.


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The tech stack you will in this course

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Mama Samba Braima Djalo

Founder & CEO

Hi, I am Mama Samba Braima AKA Nelson! Passionate DevOps/Software Engineer and a YouTuber. After graduating from King's College in Computer Science I acquired expertise working as a Java and DevOps ...

What you'll learn

Microservices Development

Communication Techniques

Service Discovery & API Management

Containerization & Orchestration

Security Implementations

Database & Tracing Integration

Message-Driven Communication

API Gateway Strategies

Deployment & Optimization

Kafka Message Processing

Managed Kubernetes Cluster

API Key Authentication

OAuth2 & KeyCloak Integration

Production Deployment Best Practices

Course Curriculum

24 sections

Few Words Before We Begin

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Course Overview

Resources and Links

Welcome to Microservices and Distributed Systems - one of the most in-demand courses on the platform and for a good reason, microservices are quickly becoming the dominant framework in the field and a critical skill for a professional Java developer.

The course will be a lot of hands-on, building a distributed application and learning the exact technology stack that makes a microservice tick.

  • 20-chapter roadmap made up of over 10 hours of video content: From fundamentals of the architecture to application deployment.
  • 156 lessons: A step-by-step practical guide through every technology.
  • Microservices Application building: A comprehensive guide to give you all the knowledge needed to deploy components yourself.
  • Dedicated Discord Channel: Where you will be able to find answers to all your questions and chat with me and the students.

Who is the course for?

Simply put, anyone who is involved in software development, from developers, architects, testers and even ops professionals.

As microservices are becoming increasingly popular, more and more organizations look to adopt them in order to improve their software development processes. In turn learning, microservices can help you to improve your career prospects and earning potential.

So if you are willing to experiment with new technologies and are looking for courses trusted by thousands of professionals, keep scrolling to find out what they have to say.

Why learn Microservices?

Learning microservices is essential for any programmer looking to remain competitive in the tech industry. Microservice architecture offers massive advantages over traditional monolithic architectures, such as greater scalability, the overall speed of development, and ease of updates.

The ability to break complex services into individual, independently deployable services and it also provides developers with more flexibility when building applications, allowing them to tailor their solutions according to the specific needs of the project owned by small teams.

In addition to having a positive impact on development cycles, microservices are becoming more popular in the IT industry as a cost-effective and efficient solution compared to traditional monolithic architecture.

By studying microservices, you can gain an edge in this emerging market and leverage your knowledge to create robust and reliable applications that match customer demands.

Microservices career graph

Big-Tech using Microservices

WAANG companies

Why would the Microservices course be right for you?

  • Gain experience building all of the common patterns in distributed systems such as configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, intelligent routing, micro-proxy, control bus, one-time tokens, global locks, leadership election, distributed sessions and cluster state
  • Taught by a teacher whose microservices tutorials have been viewed over 800,000 times on YouTube
  • Access to the 55,000+ community of coders, many graduates of the microservices course
  • Getting help when you need it. Post a question on the dedicated discord channel or message me directly, you will get all the support you need to progress through the course

Here is why you shouldn’t waste your time and enroll now:

When trying to learn a complex concept like microservices, It’s easy to spend dozen of hours wasting time searching online instead of actually learning

Disjointed tutorials, confusing articles and a lack of support plague so many of the online resources that simply don’t keep up with what you need. With Amigoscode you will be learning from a trusted premium resource taught to you by a Java professional with years of microservices framework experience from his Software Engineer career at major companies in London.

The experience of students speaks for themselves and I hope soon you too will soon share your success story!


From Josh Developer Advocate @Spring


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