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Spring Boot Master Class

API development, database integration, efficient JSON handling, testing, and more

Level: Junior, Mid Engineers

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This course includes:

8:30 Hours

Certification Upon Completion

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The tech stack you will in this course

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What you'll learn

API Development Skills

Application Structure

Dependency Injection

Advanced Annotations

Efficient JSON Handling

Spring MVC for APIs

Validation & Error Handling

Database Integration Proficiency

Open Feign Communication

Logging Strategies

Testing Best Practices


Welcome to our Spring Boot Master Class, a comprehensive course designed to catapult your software engineering skills to new heights. This course is not just about learning; it's about mastering Spring Boot and applying it to real-world scenarios.

  • Solid Foundation: The course starts with the basics of Spring Boot, including initialization, creating a simple API, and understanding web servers. You'll also learn how to structure your applications using the N Tier Architecture, setting a strong foundation for your learning journey.
  • Practical Skills: The course emphasizes practical skills, including building APIs with Spring MVC, handling JSON with Jackson Fasterxml, and managing exceptions. You'll also get hands-on experience with a Git Repo for Java and IntelliJ, allowing you to apply what you've learned to real-world scenarios.
  • Data Management: You'll learn about Spring Data and databases, including how to install H2 and Spring Data JPA. This knowledge is crucial for developing data-driven applications.
  • Advanced Topics: The course covers advanced topics such as Open Feign Rest Client, logging, Spring Boot Actuator and metrics, and application properties and profiles. These skills will help you develop robust and scalable applications.
  • Testing and Lombok: Understand the importance of testing in Spring Boot and learn how to write unit tests. You'll also get introduced to Lombok, a tool that can help simplify your Java code.

Who is the course for?

The Spring Boot Master Class is designed for both newcomers and experienced developers in the field of software development. If you're starting your journey with Java and Spring Boot, this course will provide a solid foundation. For seasoned developers, this course offers a chance to enhance your skills and learn advanced techniques in Spring Boot.

This course is also a great fit for those considering a career change into software development, offering practical, hands-on experience. Project managers and team leads can gain valuable technical insights to manage their projects more effectively. Lifelong learners will appreciate the opportunity to stay up-to-date with one of the most popular frameworks in the Java ecosystem.

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Master Spring Boot

Learn Spring Boot, a powerful framework that allows you to build web applications quickly and with less code. With Spring Boot's Java-based programs, the applications you create "just run" - no fuss, no hassle.

I'm Nelson, your instructor. As a seasoned software engineer, I've designed this course based on my real-world experiences. I've ensured that every aspect of the course is detailed and comprehensive, and I'm committed to continually adding new material based on your suggestions.

By the end of this course, you'll not only understand the best practices for writing enterprise applications but also master the N Tier Architecture design pattern. This knowledge will equip you with the skills needed to understand and contribute to projects written using Spring Boot.

Join me on this exciting journey and let's build your future in software engineering together!

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Amigoscode textbook
Amigoscode textbook

Career with Spring Boot

The skills you acquire in this course can open up a world of opportunities for your career. Here's how:

  1. In-Demand Skills: Spring Boot is one of the most popular frameworks for building Java applications. By mastering Spring Boot, you'll be acquiring skills that are in high demand in the job market, increasing your employability.
  2. Versatility: The knowledge you gain in this course can be applied to various areas of software development. From building APIs to managing databases and handling exceptions, you'll be equipped to handle a wide range of tasks.
  3. Career Advancement: Whether you're a beginner looking to start a career in software development or a professional seeking to advance your career, this course can help. The skills you learn can help you land a new job, get a promotion, or switch to a more specialized role.
  4. Project Management: By learning about N Tier Architecture and how to organize code effectively, you'll be better equipped to manage projects and lead teams. These are valuable skills for roles such as project manager or team lead.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills: This course will enhance your problem-solving skills. From troubleshooting issues with logging to handling exceptions and writing tests, you'll learn how to tackle a variety of challenges.
project diagram
project diagram

Course Curriculum

This course has 18 sections including exercises

Few Words Before We Start

1 - Practice Practice Practice


2 - Git Repo Java and IntelliJ


3 - Download the diagram

4 - Join the Communty

Getting Started

1 - What Is Spring Boot


2 - Spring Initilizr


3 - Avoid Breaking Changes

4 - Starting The Application

5 - Create a Simple API

6 - Getting with Spring Boot Free Course

7 - Web Servers

8 - Git checkout section

9 - Newsletter

Structuring Your Applications

1 - N Tier Architecture


2 - How to Organise Code

3 - Git Checkout Section

Dependency Injection

1 - Dependency Injection

2 - Implement to interfaces

3 - Switching Implementations

4 - Git Checkout Section


1 - Beans and annotations

2 - @Bean

3 - Git Checkout Section

JSON with Jackson Fasterxml

1 - Jackson

2 - JsonIgnore and JSON Property

3 - Git Checkout Section

Building APIs with Spring MVC

1 - Restful API and HTTP Methods

2 - Get Post Put and Delete Mappings

3 - Postman

4 - Testing Post Request

5 - Testing Put and Delete

6 - API Naming and Versioning

7 - @RequestMapping and API v2

8 - Improve api paths

9 - Git Checkout Section

Java Bean Validation

1 - Spring Boot Validation

2 - @NotNull and @Valid

3 - @Email

4 - Exlploring javax.validation.constraints package

5 - Git Checkout Section

Exception Handling

1 - Exceptions

2 - Enable properties to view exception details

3 - HTTP Status Codes

4 - Custom Exception and @ResposeStatus

5 - Exception Handler Class

6 - @ControllerAdvice and @ExceptionHandler

7 - Handle NotFoundException

8 - Git Checkout Section

Spring Data & Databases

1 - Spring Data

2 - Installing H2 and Spring Data JPA

3 - H2 Console and Adding data

4 - Spring Data JPA in action

5 - Spring Data JPA Course

6 - Git Checkout Section

Open Feign Rest Client

1 - Open Feign

2 - Installing Spring Cloud and OpenFeign

3 - @FeignClient

4 - Test Calling API with OpenFeign

5 - Git Checkout Section


1 - Importance of Logging

2 - Logging

3 - Logging - PART 2

4 - Configuring Logging

5 - Git Checkout Section

Spring Boot Actuator and Metrics

1 - Spring Boot Actuator

2 - Setting Application Information

3 - Enable more metrics

4 - Micrometer

5 - Actuator Docs

6 - Git Checkout Section

Application Properties and Profiles

1 - @Value and Environment

2 - @ConfigurationProperties

3 - Spring Profiles

4 - application.yaml & application.properties

5 - Git Checkout Section

Packaging and Running Applications

1 - Maven Install

2 - Maven wrapper

3 - Running jar

4 - Running Multiple Instances

5 - Docker and Spring Boot

6 - Docker and AWS


1 - Testing with SpringBoot

2 - Writing Unit Tests

3 - Testing next steps

4 - Git Checkout Section


1 - Lombok

2 - Lombok In Action

3 - Record

4 - Git Checkout Section

Wrap up

1 - Next steps

2 - Spring Security

What our students say

If you have any other questions - please get in touch

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Chava Nava

Senior Software Engineer@Nu

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Backend Developer@Retarus

Questions & Answers

What makes Amigoscode programming courses different from others?

Amigoscode offers unique, practical, and industry-relevant programming courses taught by experienced instructors. We focus on real-world applications, giving you the skills you need to excel in your career.

Can I purchase your courses through my company's training budget?

Yes, many of our students purchase our courses through their company's training budget. Our courses are considered a valuable investment in employee skill development, and they can be expensed as part of your company's training and development initiatives.

How can Amigoscode courses help me advance my programming career?

Our courses are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. You'll gain hands-on experience, work on real projects, and build a portfolio that will impress employers and clients, opening up new opportunities for career growth.

Do you offer any certifications upon course completion?

Yes, we provide certificates of completion for all our courses. These certificates are recognized in the industry, and they can help you showcase your skills to potential employers or clients.

Can I access the course material at my own pace?

Absolutely! Amigoscode courses are self-paced, allowing you to learn at a speed that suits your schedule. You can revisit the material whenever you need, and you have lifetime access to the course content.

Do I need prior programming experience to enroll in your courses?

No, our courses are designed to accommodate all levels of learners. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your programming journey or an experienced developer wanting to enhance your skills, we have courses suitable for you.

What kind of support do I get during the course?

We provide extensive support to our students through discord. You'll have access to a community of learners and can ask questions, share your progress, and collaborate with fellow students. In addition, our instructors are available to help with any challenges you encounter during the course.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 15-day refund policy. If you're not satisfied with your course within the first 15 days after purchase, we will provide a full refund, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Spring Boot Master Class

Engage in a dynamic and interactive learning experience as you complete exercises and projects.